#UefaTurkishFootballCheckOver Hashtag on Twitter

Today (02.02.2021) #UefaTurkishFootballCheckOver hashtag is in the first place on Twitter, which aiming give a message to UEFA by Turkish football supporters.

Today Beşiktaş JK issued an important statement and mentions that TFF has relaxed the rules regarding financial fair play in favor of some turkish clubs (Especially Fenerbahce and Galatasaray) and did not carry out the necessary supervision.

Simultaneously the supporters request UEFA to start an investigation about these two clubs, which do not recognize any rules in our country and are involved in the dubious business, and the federation that is affiliated with them. Additionally, they don’t believe in any local supervisory authority.


Some Twitter messages as follow:

  • Fenerbahce announced that Mesut Özil won’t get money for next 6 months #UefaTurkishFootballCheckOver
  • Galatasaray sold their U19 player Erencan Yardımcı to 3th league team for €500k
  • Both 2 teams have been doing irregularity and TFF have been overlooking
  • Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe are breaking the limits with cheating. TFF (Turkish football federation) claiming to manage the Turkish football is keeping applause this imposture.
  • Football is not a fair game in Turkey. It is manipulated by politicians and rich business people. There is no limit & no rules! TFF managed by same groups linked to politicians. #UefaTurkishFootballCheckOver

The statement of Besiktas:

Turkish version:

Statement from our club
We believe that our Football A Team, which made our community and our fans proud by completing the First half of
the Super League as the leader with 44 points, will continue its successful performance in the second half of the
season and will once again raise the Super League championship cup with Hakki, our temple at Vodafone Park.
At this point, it has been observed that the planning and transfers made by our Board of Directors, chaired by
Ahmet Nur Cebi, since the beginning of the season were successful and correct. We firmly believe that the situation
will not be different at the end of the season.
As you know, the transfer and registration period between the halves of the Super League ended as of last night,
while we strengthened our squad with our former football player Cenk Tosun and promising young football player
Bilal Ceylan.
Cenk Tosun is undoubtedly a very precious name for our Mosque and our supporters. Cenk Tosun, who had a share
in the Super League championships won by our Football A Team in the 2015-16 and 16-17 seasons, who was
transferred to the Premier League with a record transfer fee from our dub, and also an important value of our A
National Team, We sincerely believe that it will provide important services.
We trust Bilal Ceylan, who is on the radar of other Super League clubs and transferred from Eskijehirspor within
the framework of our vision to invest in the future. We have no doubt that our young footballer will be useful to
our team for many years with his talent and hard work.
Turkey is the most basic task of the Football Association, the club is determined according to the principles and
rules to check if the councils are doing their sporting and commercial activities and take appropriate action on dubs
that do not comply with the rules.
We want to believe that all clubs in the Super League carry out transfer activities within the limits set by the
Announced to the public.
Besiktas JK

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